How to Earn Cash Back with Your Sam's Club MasterCard ("Program")

As a Sam's Club member, you will earn cash back rewards ("Cash Back") on Eligible Purchases made using your Sam's Club MasterCard account ("Card Account") during each calendar year (January 1 - December 31) reward period ("Reward Period"). The amount of Cash Back earned is determined according to the Category Percentages (see below) for your Eligible Purchases.

The Program and the ability to receive Cash Back Checks (as described below) are only available to Sam's Club members.

"Eligible Purchases" means net purchases (less credits, returns and adjustments) of goods and services made using the Card Account.

Category Percentages for Eligible Purchases


For each Reward Period, you will earn 5% Cash Back on your first $6,000 spent on Eligible Purchases of fuel at U.S. and Puerto Rico Sam's Club and Walmart fuel stations, and at Gas Stations located in the U.S. and Puerto Rico (excluding fuel stations located at or that are part of warehouse clubs and certain supercenters and supermarkets). Thereafter you'll earn 1% on these purchases for the remainder of that Reward Period.

"Gas Stations" are generally merchants identified by their MCC as "Service Stations" or "Automated Fuel Dispensers". Gas Stations do not include merchants of aviation or other nonautomotive fuels.

For a list of exclusions, please log into your account at or call the phone number on the back of your Card.


You will earn 3% Cash Back on Eligible Purchases made at Restaurants located worldwide (excluding warehouse clubs other than Sam's Club).

Restaurants are generally identified by their MCC as restaurants, drinking places, fast food places, and caterers.

You will earn 3% Cash Back on Eligible Purchases made at Travel merchants located worldwide (excluding warehouse clubs other than Sam's Club).

Travel merchants are generally merchants identified by their MCC in categories such as airlines, rental cars, hotels, passenger rail travel, bus lines, cruise lines, timeshares, travel agencies, travel sites and tour operators.

For a list of exclusions, please log into your account at or call the phone number on the back of your Card.


you will earn 1% Cash Back on all other Eligible Purchases.
The percentage rate of Cash Back rewards earned on an Eligible Purchase (the "Category Percentage") is determined by the merchant category code ("MCC") associated with the Eligible Purchase. An MCC is a four digit classification code that is assigned to a merchant by the merchant's payment card network or merchant processor based on the predominant business activity of the merchant. The merchant's MCC will determine whether a particular Eligible Purchase qualifies for the higher Category Percentages earned for "Gas Stations", "Restaurants" or "Travel" as described above.

For example, a purchase of fuel made at the fuel station area of a grocery store may have an MCC identification as a type of Merchant other than a gas station, and would therefore not qualify for the Gas Station Category Percentage. Neither Sam's Club nor Synchrony ("Bank") assigns or has responsibility for the assignment of MCCs, or evaluates what MCC should be assigned to a particular merchant. Bank reserves the right to determine from time to time which MCCs qualify for particular Category Percentages.

For questions about the Category Percentage applicable to a particular purchase or merchant, please call the phone number on the back of your Card.

Excluded Transactions

Eligible Purchases DO NOT include any of the following items: fees or interest charges, cash advances, balance transfers, traveler's checks, reloading or purchase of prepaid cards or any cash equivalents, and other transactions or charges that are not for the purchase of goods or services.

Other Conditions

After each Eligible Purchase, you will accrue a potential Cash Back amount based on the applicable Category Percentages up to a maximum of $5,000 in Cash Back rewards per any Reward Period. Once you earn $5,000 in Cash Back rewards in a Reward Period, eligible purchases will not earn any more Cash Back rewards in such Reward Period.

Eligible Purchases on multiple Card Accounts for the same Sam's Club member, including business and personal accounts, will be aggregated in determining the $5,000 maximum Cash Back per a Reward Period if such Card Accounts are owned by the same member or entity (as indicated by the same name or tax payer identification number), the Card Accounts have the same guarantor and/or have an owner or guarantor in common.

Issuance of Cash Back Checks

Cash Back earned during a Reward Period is paid out in the form of a check made out to Sam's Club as the payee ("Cash Back Check"), that is distributed annually via U.S. Mail in your February Card Account statement of the following year. Unredeemed Cash Back Checks will expire 180 days from the check issue date.

Exclusions to Issuance of Cash Back Checks

No Cash Back Checks will be issued, and you will forfeit any Cash Back rewards otherwise earned for a Reward Period if any of the following occurs:

No Cash Back Checks are issued on amounts less than $5; and amounts earned in a Reward Period, but for which no Cash Back Check is issued, will be forfeited and not roll over to a subsequent Reward Period.

Redeeming Cash Back Checks

You may only redeem your Cash Back Check at any U.S. or Puerto Rico Sam's Club. Cardholders who are no longer Members of Sam's Club after they receive their check may redeem their Cash Back Check by obtaining a one-day pass at Sam's Club. You must present the Cash Back Check prior to its expiration in person at a Sam's Club with proper government issued photo identification.

You may not transfer the check to anyone else, and only the primary cardholder on the Card Account may redeem the Cash Back Check. You acknowledge that the Program is a promotional program as to which no consideration has been paid by you. You further acknowledge that no Cash Back reward is earned and no right, title, or interest in the Cash Back reward has been earned until all conditions precedent, including presentment of the Cash Back Check at a Sam's Club location prior to the expiration date, are met. Nothing herein requires Sam's Club to accept a Cash Back Check if the entire Rewards Program has been canceled, terminated or suspended.

Changing Benefits

We have the right to add, modify or delete any benefit, service or feature of the Program at our sole discretion.

Changes to the Program may include, among other things, modifying Eligible Purchases, Excluded Transactions, the Category Percentages and purchase categories; maximum Cash Back amounts, imposing additional restrictions or terminating the Program in its entirety. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with the Program.